31 Aug 2013

#8 My Gyaru Inpirations/ idols/ and more favourites

Hi everyone,
Today I wanna tell you something about my Gyaru inspirations, idols, my favourite Animes and cartoons and my favourite asian musicians^^ (I have to apologize for my sometimes bad english ^^") :

First my Gyaru inspirations and idols:

1st: Himena Ousaki <3333


Many many Gyarus knows her because she is a very popular and cute Himegyaru and a popular model of Gyaru magazines like Ageha or Popteen!!! (Her real name is Namehi ^^).

2nd: Sakurina


This is Sakurina!!! She is a famous model of the Ageha magazine. She prefered the Rokku Gyaru style. I think it's a really cool and sexy Gyaru style ;)!!! I love her dark eye make- up and her fantastic nails. *^*

3rd: 智代有希

Foto: ❤


This girl was Born in China and now she lives in Sydney. She prefer clothes from the Gyaru brand MA*RS. I think she's amazing because the MA*RS stuff suits her very very good!! ^^ I know her from Facebook!

4th: Black Sui- Princess


Sui is from Germany (like me ^^) She prefers Hime and Lolita!!! I love her style so much and I think she has a really strong personality!!!

5th: Yuki Ageha Baggins


This is Yuki. She is from Germany too and a BFF of Sui <333!!! She changes her style from Hime to Romantic Gyaru!! I think it's a really big and respectful step!! And I love her website: Romantic Couture ( http://cupkakematsu.blogspot.de/ )

6th: Lenie Dingemanse or Strawberry Sweet Princess *o*


This is Lenie (Strawberry Sweet Prrincess). She  is a very pretty Himegyaru. She is a Himegyaru "starter" like me. She lives in the Netherlands and she has her own shopping service (Strawberry sweet princess shopping service) on Facebook!! I can recommend her blog very much!!


Now to my most loved Animes and Cartoons: 

1st: Chobits


awwwww <333 I love Chobits: It's a lovestory about a student: Hideki Motosuwa and Chii a Persocom (personal computer). The persoms are very human looking computers (You can see Chii on the picture ^^)

2nd: Mermaid Melody


It's about seven girls!! They live a "double life". On the one side they are seven (most of the time 6) young cute girls and on the othe side 7 mermaid princesses of the seven oceans who protect the ocean and the world from evil creatures!!

3rd: Winx Club


This is the story about 6 (in my eyes) beautiful girls who save theyre world called "Magic Dimensions" with fairy powers!! It's about friendship and magic (I love it <333) My favourite girl is the girl with the dark blue hair. Her name is Musa and she is the fairy of music!! The cool thing is that they are fairys (with transformations, wings etc.). It's not an anime but I like it too. But some things in this series is inspired by Anime: for example the long transformation "scenes" (prefered in shoju- animes). I know and love her longer as I fell in love with Anime or Gyaru!!!

Last but not least: my favourite Jpop  and Kpop artists <33

1st: Melody Myuki Ishawaka


Melody is a famous Jpop artist in Japan. She is really pretty and her songs are really good. My favourite song of her is "Love story" *o*

2nd: May J


She is a popular and beautiful Jpop artist too!! I love her voice because it's very powerfull. She sings RnB. My favourite song of her is  "Do tha' "

3rd: 4minute:


4minute is a really cool Kpop band. One of theyre popular songs are "Volume up" or "Mirror Mirror"!!! I fell in love with them when I saw Hyun A (a member of the band) in the Psy music video "Gangnam Style"!!!!! ^^

I forgot.... my special idols: 

1st: Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose


Venus and Dakota are very special girls because they live the "Living Doll" style!!! *o*That means that they wanted to look like human dolls!!! That's really cute and cool and I love it sooooo much!! (Venus looks like a BJD (Ball Jointed Doll; she looks like a very cuuuuute porcelain doll) and Dakota like a pretty Barbie Doll) That's amazing!! *-*

2nd: Minori


Minori is from Japan and wears the style called "Shironuri". Shironuri (guys and girls) painted theyre face in white and wear cool and creative clothes. I don't want it for me but it's really interesting!!

The special thing on Minori is, that she transforms herself into a beautiful forest creature *-*!!

That was all for today!!

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for following and reading my blog and if you want comment!!! <3333



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