24 Mar 2017

#90: Hot pot meetup - Event is coming soon!!

Happy Friday!!

Went to a circle meetup on Sunday and it was so much fun as always ^o^

We met at Dusseldorf main station  around 3pm and went to a hot pot restaurant ^o^

waiting for our stoves ~

4 Mar 2017

#89: Hair, coords and a big purchase( ´ ▽ ` )

How is everyone doing?

I'm so happy that I found motivation to blog again ^^
During the last weeks I realised how proud Iam to run this blog (and my Instagram of course hehe) even though there are just a couple of active Gyaru bloggers left ;u;

Anyways ^3^

Last week, I recieved some hair chalk and was so excited because I planned on dying some parts of my honey blonde Prisila wig pieces *^* 

19 Jan 2017

#88: I'm still alive - style process and new inspo

It's been a while since I've made my last blogpost ^^;
I'm so sorry about that but I was really busy with school and had no inspirations or ambitions to create a new post >< 
so I hope to post more freuquently this year again ^o^
Anyways, 2017 has started19 days ago and I hope you had a nice christmas/ nye and I hope you can reach your goals this year ~

27 Aug 2016

#87: summer/autumn wishlist

It's summertime and I'm melting  because it's around 40 degrees here in germany =-=
I hope you do well at the heat <3

Today I want to show you my favourite/ want-to-buy - pieces
of this season (+some Re-Arrivals and coming soon items) and cosmetics/makeup ^o^