27 Aug 2013

#6 Trip to Berlin

Hi everyone 

Two days ago I visited together with my brother Natsuki the big and awesome city Berlin:

First day: 

On the first day we went to the bus station in Düsseldorf and from there we went around seven looooong hours with the bus to the main bus station in Berlin!! It was really boring but I don't slept in the bus because I was so excited!!  ^^

it was really big

after that we went straight to our hotel!!
after the long way we reached finally the station

Our hotel room really small but I think it's ok for sightseeing ^-^

after the check-in we visit a place called "Uhlandstraße" it was near to our hotel and a street
full of brands like Gucci, Prada or Chanel
underground station (I don't own the picture)

after that in the evening we go to sleep because we where very tired!!

Day 2: 

On this day we went to the place called "Kurfürstendamm" It was sooo amazing there. There were so many nice people!!

This building is called "Gedächtniskirche" (= memorial church) This church is a monument for one of the german emperors in the 18th century)

Infront of the church you can buy some Crepes and "currywurst". My brother tried some sausages. I diddn't try because I don't like meat!!!!

after that we take the underground to the famous "Alexanderplatz"!! The cool thing is that there are so many street artists but the bad thing is that there are so many fake beggars who wants to deceive us :'(!!
There I bough a cute long top a hair band with a tiny bow and a really kawaii owl plush *o*
awesome fountain *^*

This TV tower is called "Alex" You can see it all around the city

My buys of this day:

Top: Ann Christine
Hairbow: Ann Christine
Plush: Beanie Boo <333
Lip tint: essence

Day 3: 

Today we go to the "Schönhauser Allee" because we want to go to a store called "Neo Tokyo" They sell so many asian products like Mangas, Kpop, Jpop music, Anime, Onigiri and much more!! *^* It was sooo cool there!!!!! I bough my first Ageha and Popteen <3 and a cd from Girls Generation!

on the way we saw a Hard Rock Cafe ^^

My buys:

Day 4:

This day was really hard because we made a hardcore sightseeing tour ;)
First of all we go to the Potsdamer Platz:

it was sooo big there *^*

the sun was really strong there!! I made a really crazy face >w<

after that we went to the "Brandenburger Tor" 


On the way we visited interesting things: 

a really futuristic science museum:

and we saw a interesting place near to the gate:

after that we found out that this is a memorial for the Holocaust

and finally we were there.... and it was soooo awesome!!! *-*

then, we visited the german "Bundestag"
(I don`t own this picture)

Ater that we visited the place called "Lustgarten"!! It was really beautiful there <33

(I don't own that too!!)

My buys:

Last day/ back to Düsseldorf:

On the last day we woke up very early and after breakfast and checkout we go to "Neo Tokyo" again because Natsuki wants a "Sexpot Revenge"- shirt. I bought some San- X sticker and a cd from Mayu Watanabe. I think she and her music is really kawaii ^^ <333 .... and I bought my first Onigiri!! It was sooo delicious!! My brother bought it with beef flavour and mine was with walnut and miso flavour!! 

and now we went to the main station again at around 3pm. At 3.30pm they told us that the bus comes 1 hour later. Then at 4.30pm they told us that we have to wait again for 45 minutes -_-. That means that we arrived to Düsseldorf at around 2am!!!!!

My buys for today (sorry for bad quality ^^") :

All in all I think the trip was really good and interesting and I can recommend Berlin very much *^*

Hanasaku <3

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