8 Oct 2013

#13 Anime discovery from ちゃおちゃおTV (︶ω︶)

Hi everyone,
Today I found a new kawaii and funny Anime in the internet. It's called "Hime Gal Paradise" and it's only in Japan on television!!.... But I really love it because in this Anime are many Gyarus in a japanese school... and one main character is  Hime- Gyaru (espacially a guy who wants to wear Hime clothes ^0^) (。♥‿♥。)   
description (from MyAnimeList):

"Tachikawa Himeko is a plain high school girl. One day, a handsome boy Mikami Tochiotome starts to lodge at her house. He likes to dress in drag and his fashion awakes Himeko to sense of beauty."
... But it's only in japanese language (I cant speak japanese, I only understand some words ^^'')  and on YouTube are only two episodes..... 

but I show you the episodes:

ep: 1

ep: 2

It was not possible to put the video to my blog but I show you the link:

So all in all I think that this anime is really kawaii and inspiring because all Gals there are sooo pretty and funny ^^ and I hope I can watch  more episodes *^*!!

...I hope you enjoyed it too and if you want, you can comment it!!

Thanks for reading and following my blog...



PS: I think the advertisement is very cute too ^w^  

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  1. omg i really want to see this anime, i hope someone will translate it all ;3;