14 Nov 2013

#18 my parcel from Gorgeous Barbie (+ little feedback)

Hi everyone,image

At the beginning of this month I ordered the very cute bunny poncho by Princess Melody  from the awesome shopping service (+webstore)  Gorgeous Barbie *^*. I'm sooooo in love with this poncho because it's very kawaii, warm and soooo fluffy (like candy floss *o*).

I've made some pictures/ coordinates:




and she sended me this cute gift:
a Hello Kitty face mask <3

Thank you sooo much!!!image

Now to my feedback:image
I can recommend Gorgeous Barbie because Miho Tsubasa (the staff) is a very nice, cute and reliable!! The shipping was very quick (only 13 days via Air Mail) and the formular (includes adress, shipping method etc...) you have to fill out before you have to pay is very helpful I think and the items are in best condition. Another + is the extra gift I got from her.
All in all I can say that Gorgeous Barbie is one of the best services ever and I think I will order from her again in the future!!! ^^

So what do you think about the items and Gorgeous Barbie? Did you make some experieces with her too? 
If you want leave a comment!!image

many kisses ^3^  


  1. Lovely <333 Suits you well! I also have PM poncho ^w^

  2. andI saw you with the poncho on your blog too... its suits you good too!! ^w^