14 Feb 2015

#54: Gyaru Meme Day 5 and 6


Today's postr is about day 5 and 6 of Gyaru Meme ^o^

What I love and dislike about Gyaru?

What I love:

 the individuality of the style
 the rebellious spirit
 that you can be really creative with your coords
 the dolly and sexy eyemake
 wearing different circle lenses
 be photographed on the street
 having friends who love the same thing

What I dislike -.-:

 getting stared like hell
 when someone says: ''wooo carnival is over!!''
 that a lot of 'normal' people don't take you serious
 that I need a lot of time to do my hair and makeup xD
 that eyelashes and CL become uncofortable after a long day 

A picture of something I want to do before I die:

Well I have two things I want to do before I die :'D

1st: Going shopping at Shibuya109


Visit Jesus Diamante and LaPafait in Nagoya and I want to sit on the Bed in the Jesus Diamante store :D

That was all for today ^o^

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