11 Mar 2015

#56: International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup

Today I finally write about the International Gyaru Meet from january 24th ^^

unfortunately I haven't made a lot photos because I was too excited and too nervous lol XD
(Credits to most photos: by David Kaiser)

My Main Meet Look/Coord:

First we all met at the train station in Frankfurt

photo myde by Esmee

 and then we went to the main venue where the big Gyaru program started ^o^

Getting ready for the group shot ^^
(also made by Esmee)

(photo made by Lau)

First we introduced ourself and which part of our outfit we liked the most ^^

There was also a big program:

A Para Para show

me by enjoying the show :'D

A bring and buy Fashion show ^o^

I bought a Diable Laisen blouse there which I wore in the evening right after the meet ^^

There was also a big raffle ^^
I won some free lenses from the german lens store matlens ^^
I'll review them later ^o^

After the nice raffle we had the Gyaru Lovers Awards ^o^
It was similar to the GGA's 

I won in the category: BEST HIME

so happy 

I also had the chance to talk a bit in front of the group and I was really nervous XD

After the awesome meet we went to the Karaoke bar where we went last year too *__*

My Karaoke/ Clubbing Coord:

We had a lot of fun and delicious Cocktails ^^
(photo made by Chewiee)

eeehhh Macarena!!!

I got a bit drunk there lol XD

After the karaoke a lot of us decidet to go to the club A66 where we all went crazy <33

The selfies of the day:

Unfortunately my bangs hided my eyes a bit in most selfies XD

with the super cute Feli ^^

with the awesome Mary *O* I'm still jealous of her hair dye skills <33

with the pretty Sesin!! I was in love with her look *O* so perfect!!

with Kuro chaaaan <33

with the gorgous Jojo ^^ It was so nice to meet her again

I finally had the chance to meet the awesome UK Gyaru Lizzie!! I consider her as my Gyaru friend aswell ^o^
(sorry for my stupid face there xD)

with Lizzie, Chewiee and me

with the super pretty Esmee ^__^

I met Holly for the second time too but I was confident enough to talk to her!! She is so cute and pretty!!

A selfie with Miku chaaaaaaan <333

with my idol and friend @SuiSwan <3 Her hair and coord was so gorgeous ^^

After clubbing, I went to Mc Donalds in the night (ok it was 6am XD)
There I met a part of our group ^^
a derp pic with  Melissa ^^ so funny :D

Video of the Meet:

by Holly <3

It was the best Meet I had so far and a big >Thank You< to Kyo and Kitai who organized everything <33

I'm looking forward for next year <333

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