28 Mar 2015

#59: Day @ Oshare con

Today I write about the Oshare Con, the first dutch J-Fashion and Lifestyle convention I went to two weeks ago, so this post is very special for me!!

First I went to Utrecht Central Station were I met Corinna and my other gal friends  ^^

Then after a lot of stress and hurry we went by train to Houten Central Station and from there we went by bus to the Expo Centre where the event took place ^o^

(whoops Blurry picture sorry ^^'')

At the Con was so much to see and to make ^^
So awesome!!

Raiden Yosakoi

There were a lot of dealers awho sold a lot of cute and cool stuff ^^:
a lot of sweets ^^ It was so hard to decide what I wanted to buy there XD
Mangas <33

Anime figures ^^
Pokemon Plushies ^w^
Princess Apparel *O*

There was also the dutch Butler's and Maid Cafe at the convention where my friend Jojo also worked ^o^

I got served by the cute Maid Christine ^o^ I talked to her a bit on Facebook before but never met her before ^^

I ate some delicious Rainbow cake and  awesome Ramune there *___*
Look how cute the cake looked!
I really loved it because every single color was a different taste ^o^

I loooove Honey Garden too <333333

(on the right is the beautiful Corinna ^o^)

I also had the chance to walk for the Gyaru fashion show there ^^
But till then I had a lot of time to buy me new cute things and to chat with the other people there especially 
with my Gyaru friends ^o^

(left: Lily, middle: Sutewi)

with Lily again <33

Group picture:
left: Kuro
left below: Chris:
middle: Corinna
right: Kyo

We also went outside to get some fresh air and to practice for the show ^^ We also took photos and selfies outside

Zoe and me

Eingebetteter Bild-Link

we are stunning XD

They also made a Para Para workshop where I had the chance to learn the Routine to Ganguro ^^

as you can see I failed very much at Para Para XDD

During the ''waiting''- time a german tv show interviewed us and a lot of other people there for a report ^^

The report is already out but you are only able to watch when you live in germany </3
So I try to put a translated version on YouTube and Facebook so stay tuned ^o^ <33

A couple hours later I got really nervous because the final preperations for the fashion show started and we needed to talk about the walk pattern etc...

The gals backstage ^o^

Backstage Selfies:

with Jojo ^o^

and Elise ^w^

Then the show started and I was so nervous XD But it goes away when I was on stage ^o^

striking a fun pose ^^

so fab :'D

with Estherbel <33

and Marieke *^^*

Our group on stage ^o^

Some After Show shoots in the evening:

with the might of the mooooon 

At the end there was also the concert of the japanese duo ADAMS!!

The music was not as bad and they looked really good looking espacially the brown haired guy was really handsome :D

After a while I got a bit hungry and I went to the Maid Cafe again to eat something and to chat with my Gyaru friends ^o^

The red bean Mochi was really delicious <33

At around 7pm we sadly needed to go T___T

crazy in the bus X'D

a train ride in the Gyaru way ^^

My cute gets *^*

All in all the convention was AMAZING
I had so much fun and made so much beautiful memories ^^
And thank you so much Rox and the other organisators who made this convention possible!!
I'm looking forward to come again next year ^^

Photo Credits: Miyako Studio
A Sure Shot
Oshare Con
Jim de Groot
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