12 May 2015

#65: Meeting the Velvets in Düsseldorf / I won my first giveaway/ other new gets

On sunday I was on a meet from the amazing Gyarusa Velvet hosted by Lily ^o^

my hair and makeup ^o^
wig: eBay
choker: Real Mars
upper lashes: Twinkle Lash: Sexy
lower lashes: Diamond Lash: Princess Eye
circle lenses: from matlens.de

My outfit:
top: Ma*rs
skirt: H&M
stockings: Yumetenbo
hairbow: Ma*rs ( I forgot to put it on at the meet ;o;)

First we all met at the main station in Düsseldorf.

After we all met we went to a nice traditional chinese restaurant called ''Dolar House''  to get something to eat 

We ate traditional chinese fondue.
Each of us had a small hot pot with kind of delicious soup in it ^o^

 We were able to order a wide range of food like sweet potatoes, met balls, seaweed, tofu, egg, glas noodles, rice noodles and much more to put it into the soup and cook it till its done ^^

I really liked this kind of  meal because it was slow and we were able to talk alot!

After the delicious food we went to a japanese cafe bar called RELAX 

There, we had a very nice and fun talk and I ordered this to drink ^o^
It's iced Matcha Latte with whipped cream and Matcha ice cream *O*
I'm so in love <3

At the cafe we also took some selfies :

with my new Gal friend Berry ^^

She's so cute and pretty and also a Velvet guest (we both hope to become Velvet members soon because every member is so pretty and warm hearted) and we were both so glad we met eachother <3

with Swankiss Riina <33

the whole group

At around 8pm I sadly needed to go ;O;
Miss you guys <333

on-my-way-back-selfie <33

All in all the meet was so nice and I'm looking forward for next meetup <33

and I have to tell you another amazing thing!

I won my first Giveaway *___* 

and it's a Set from dia *O*

I tried a sweet Tsuyome coord with the top and arm warmers

The reason I don't wear the shorts is that the shorts are a little bit too small for me ;O; (DIA sizes are so unfair) I normally fit in them but only can't close the zipper sometimes DX but my mum trys to make them bigger for me because size 24 is so tiny X'D

but this is not everything for today <3

a couple weeks ago I received some cute gal items I ordered ^^

two gorgeous Glamorous Jane dresses (too bad G_J don't bring out new stuff)
and some super adorable and comfortable La Pafait short boots <33

I hope you liked my today's blog and if you want comment ^^

oh and the reason why I have a super cute signature is, because I comissioned my dear friend Lizzie to create the perfect signature for me *___*
Please visit her business page!! She's so talented <33

ok then,

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