28 Mar 2016

#84: Meeting Jada and Plutonium in Düsseldorf// Gyaru photo shooting

Two weeks ago our Gyarusa did a very nice meetup with Jada our best british Gyaru friend and Plutonium in Düsseldorf <33

It was so nice because Jada went the long way from Brighton by plane to meet us :3 !!!!

On saturday we decided to have dinner at Takezo in Düsseldorf

photo by Kitai

After the super nice dinner we went to a japanese supermarket and a japanese bakery
after that we decided to wait a bit inside at a cafe untill the evening

onepiece, necklace, stockings: offbrand
coat: GOLD'S infinity
belt: d.i.a spec.
boots: H&M
sunglasses: New Yorker

It was the first time I tried Ora Ora and I really love it *O*

In the evening we decided to have karaoke, unfortunately my phone battery died so I wasn't able to record it ><

at least nice hairsmiles infront of a random kiosk :'D

The other day we went to Sallys good friend Bodo @ Bodos Model-WG for the photoshoot 
We needed to hurry so I wasn't able to do my hair how I wanted it to be >< So I did a quick hairstyle ^^
my barbie inspired look ^^
(lenses are vassen nudy pink from Pinky Paradise)

All in all the shooting was so much fun and an awesome experience but let the pictures speak <3

with Barbara <33
Oh noooooooooo the devil is here! XDD

with Lily <33

so kawaii!!

ewww what is there? XDD

offshooting (I felt a little bit like an Ageha model tbh *O*)

with Jada who also became our newest member!! I'm so proud our Galsa is international now *O*

Hello from the other SIIIIIIIDE!!!

and some squad pictures were a must ^^

Nessi, Ari, Sally, Jada, Lily, Aiko, me, Kitai, Ria, Hans, Barbara and our photographer Bodo in the front 

Bodo seriously did an amazing job!! The pictures turned out amazing!!

A big THANK YOU to him and Sally who organized it <333

 I hope you liked my post and if you want leave a comment below <33

See you in my next blogpost!!


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