24 Mar 2017

#90: Hot pot meetup - Event is coming soon!!

Happy Friday!!

Went to a circle meetup on Sunday and it was so much fun as always ^o^

We met at Dusseldorf main station  around 3pm and went to a hot pot restaurant ^o^

waiting for our stoves ~

It was so delicious and I ate way too much XD

Gal powerrrrrr (picture made by Yuna)

I'm super happy that Chris is a member now ~~

I always forget to make a lot of pictures so I'm really glad that Aiko chan made a Vlog about this amazing day full of fun and food pregnancy :'D

Face, hair and coord ^o^

  I hope you like it ~

Image may contain: 7 people, people standing

I see no difference :'D (right photo by @yuna.moruko ; left by: @gfriendster)

I also got new cute items for my closet ^o^
left: Stella dress (bought it from Jojo~)
right: ACDC rag sleeveless dress/long top (got it as a gift from Chris ~)

look how cute the print is *^*


A couple of circles (including Velvet, Plutonium and Gyaru Lovers) 
are working on a project since last year and I'm happy to finally announce it 

We decided to keep the tradition of Int. Gyaru Lover meetups and created the

It's basically an event for everyone who loves Jfashion especially Gyaru  ^o^
I'm so excited for this to be happen and I want it to be successfull ^w^  
(more informations will be announced here)

What about you?
Are you palnning to visit our event?

Would love to see you in here in Eindhoven 


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