28 Jul 2013

#1 Welcome!!

                                                     *It's Me*

Hi I`m Hanasaku and I love the Himegyaru style. I think it's the cutest Gyaru- substyle in the japanese world!! *-*

I try this style out at first in June 2013. That means: I don't have so much Himegyaru clothes!!!
So I can't show much Hime outfits and I can't post so much at the beginning!! 
I hope you understand it!! 

Now to my person: 

I was born April 24th 1995 in a small village in Germany
I fell in love with this style because I saw some Himegyarus in a documentary on the internet!!
One of my favourite Gals are: 


She is a famous J- fashion lover in Germany. She lives in Wuppertal and I wanna meet her sooooo much *-*

Himena Ousaki: 

She is a very famous model of the Koakuma Ageha magazine (a japanese fashion magazine) and for me the cutest Gyaru!!!


  1. It's pleasant to see newcomers, i'm new too and I perfectly understand why you still don't have enough clothes to do coordinates post :3 I guess it's really hard at the beginning, but you don't need to give up, I think you're pretty enough to rock this style ;)

    1. Awwwww Thanks so much for your comment!!! <3333
      This makes me more and more confident. I work hard on myself and I hope more people follow me *-*. I think your blog is really interesting and soooo cute *^*

  2. You're very welcome! I'm pretty sure that if you work hard, you'll be a great Hime-Gyaru! Of course there will be more people following you, stay confident and be strong!
    Thank you <3