10 Aug 2013

#2 Giveaway- Time!!!

Hi everyone, 

Today you can win some giveaways!!!  

One Pair of heel less Heels with spikes on the back (size: 38)

One pair of Open- Toe heels (size 37)

One pair of red Peeptoe high heels (size 37)

colourful bracelets 

a long Cross necklace 

I know ..... I know.....
This Items are not really Himegyaru and not so spectacular...

they are fitting perfectly to other Gyaru styles ^^    

So if you want something, 

Here are the rules: 

Step 1: Subscribe my site

Step 2: Write a comment under the post:
         Blogger- Name:
Step 3: Share the giveaway- post on Facebook     

After 3 weeks, I will choose the winners!!

I will contact all winners on their Blogs or on Facebook!!!!

GOOD LUCK!!!!! *-*   

Hanasaku <3


  1. Hello darling! I'm so happy to see another Hime-Gyaru *-*
    My blog link is : http://yuri-no-nikki.blogspot.com
    I will choose the first pair of shoes, the one with the spikes, because they are simply too gorgeous *^*
    Hope to see more articles from you, you're really pretty!



  2. Hello honeybee :3
    My blog link: http://kekecinderellasdream.blogspot.de/
    I want to get the first pair of shoes in size 3, because they fit my style so well!
    Becauuuuse, i mix gyaru-styles with kpop style to create my own, and they would fit perfectly my new leather-kpopstyle-jacket *o*

    Oh and.. I am sorry I do not follow you with my blog, but.. it was not possible O.o I dont know, so.. the 'keke' is me.. i will follow you with my blog as soon as I found out why it didnt work xD

    1. Hi Keke,
      thanks so much for your message!! But there is one problem with the shoes :( They are in size 5 (38) :(. I hope you understand it :).

  3. Hi !!!
    My blog is http://ran-ganji.blogspot.com.es/

    I really love the first shoes !!! are gorgeous !!

  4. Hi!
    I want the red Peeptoe high heels ^_^
    My blog is http://himeprincessnana.blogspot.com