12 Aug 2013

#3 Day in Brussels

Hi everyone!!!

Yesterday I went to the belgian capital Brussels with my family!!

I think, Brussels is a really interesting city.

We saw many embassys because there is the parliament of europe.

this is the european parliament

after a loooooong way with the bus we visit the popular 

Atomium!! Before  we ate some ice cream:

Here are some pics from the Atomium (outside):

me infront of the Atomium

Inside the "ball looking" rooms there is much cool art and informations about the Atomium!!!

Here are some pictures (I lost some pictures :_;)

looks like an Ufo ^^

This room was so dark but there was a
beautiful lightshow *^*

After that interesting trip, we go to the old beautiful city to ate something original belgian food ^^:

belgian chips   

a delicious strawberry- mint smoothie <3

After that we bought belgian chocolate 
In Brussels are so many shops for chocolate candy or macarons!!! <3333

My purchases:

a cute chocolate bear- lollipop

strawberry milk chocolate <3!!  

All in all the day was really good!!!

Hanasaku <3

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