4 Nov 2013

#16 Hime coords, cute orders etc...

Hello my lovely readers,

today I want to show you two pure Hime coords.....
do you remember..  my last ones wasn't that good.... so I did it again ^w^ !!

Dress: Princess Melody
Skirt: Princess Melody
Necklace: Ma*rs
Bracelet: Ma*rs
Hairbow: Ma*rs

Dress: Princess Melody
Necklaces: both La Pafait <3
Headbow: La Pafait

...soooo what do you think?? Please comment!!

and I ordered two items:

this kawaii bunny- ear- poncho from Princess Melody (with Gorgeous Barbie)

my first Agejo dress (I love Agejo too!!! *o*)

So I hope you enjoy it and thank you for following and reding my blog 


many kisses ^3^   


1 comment:

  1. i really like those two outfits, especially the second one!!! And i'm so in love with the bunny poncho, i want it, too!!