24 Jan 2014

#21 my new phone, DecoDen case, new PM dress....

Hi everyone,

I'm sooooooo sorry for the long blog stop, but I was ill and I was very busy!! I hope you forgive me!!T___T

.... now to the main themes

first I got my new awesome phone!!! <3

it's the Docomo Fujitsu F-03D Girls' Popteen phone and I'm soooo in love with it!!

here are some photos:
front: the heart is the in-camera and I really
like the ribbon button    

sooo cool *^* I got two different colored phone covers

a very useful stylus (I added rhinestones on it)  

how it looks on the screen:

locked screen: you have to tap the heart to unlock

main screen 


my favorite app called: DecoPic (its a kind of a puri machine for phone^o^)

......now to my deco den case.....

weeks ago, I ordered a special deco den kit with 'My Melody' theme:

(this picture is from ebay)

so I decorated my phone with it

here is the result:
its sooo cute and I think I did it good for the beginning ^^..... and I added a cute bear charm to the phone <3

                                                                        in detail

...so what do you think... leave a comment if you want!! ^^   

...last but not least...

I got a parcel from my hime friend  Lenie- Princess <3333 because I ordered one of her gorgeous Princess Melody dresses <3 <3 <3    

I looooove the dress!! The material feels very cuddly and the rose pattern is so pretty <333

I recommend Lenie because the shipping was very fast and the condition of the dress is perfect!!  

Thank you Lenie- chan ^3^   

and I made a coord with the dress too *^*
yaiiiiiii ^^

So I hope you like my post and thank you sooooooo much my lovely followers and readers that you read my blog <3   

kiss ^3^ 

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