21 Feb 2014

#22 International Gyaru meet 2014

Hey everyone,

On the 1st of february I was at the International Gyaru Winter meet in Frankfurt with my brother Natsuki...

It  was my first meet in my life and it was so much fun *^*.... we took pictures together... went to a Karaoke bar and at the end we went to a club....

photo by: Nathalie Belia
.... but foolishly I diddn't took so much pictures and I lost some ;o: ......

here are the  pictures I made/found:

here is my outfit:

poncho: Princess Melody
dress: Princess Melody
tights/ stockings: Doll Kiss
Shoes: ebay
fur collar: ebay
necklace: LaPafait
hairbow: LaPafait 
bag: self made with a biiiig LaPafait bow

awwww... so much beautiful people *o* ...    photo by: Steffi Goerend

with the very kawaii Miku from japan ^3^
with the beautiful Sui-chan
with the gorgeous Jojo *o*

with the very nice girls Riina (left) and Kitai (right)


this is the pretty Jada at the Karaoke *o*
at the club     photo by: A66    

all in all I think the meet was sooooooooo awesome, I can't wait for the next meet *o*
and I met the very nice girl Chewiee from London but I lost a photo with her accidentally ;... I'm sooo sorry Chewiee- chan ;o:... if I will see you next time I will never lost it... I promise...

....and special thanks to Kitai Shirosaki because she organisated the whole meet <33 

.....so I hope you liked the post ^^