1 Mar 2014

#23 my favourite foods and drinks

Hey everyone:

Today I will show you my favourite foods and drinks ^0^

I made some rankings ^^

1th Sushi
it's sooooooo yummi *^* I really prefer all sorts of Maki

2nd Gyoza (with vegetables)

3rd Shiitake Miso with Soba 

4th tomato soup

 5th grilled salmon

6th: cheese- sandwiches

7th: Tofu salad

2. desserts, sweets, cakes

1th fruit salad

2nd chocolate and chocolate cake

3rd Pocky- Sticks <3

4th: pudding

5th: Frozen Yoghurt with strawberrys

7th princess cupcakes

8th Cakepops

9th cheesecake

10th Nutella ^w^ 

11th Pancakes   

12th KitKat


1th: green tea

2nd jasmine tea

3rd mineral water

4th hot chocolate *^*

5th Macha Latte and Chai Latte

6th Cranberry Cooler

(I did not own all this pictures, I got them all from the internet)

So I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want, tell me something about your favourite food ^w^

See you soon

kisses <3



  1. This post made me so hungry, ha ha! I lovee Meiji chocolate =)

  2. haha ^^ yes it's my favourite chocolate ^o^