9 May 2014

#25 end of long blog stop..... my artworks... random stuff

Hey everyone,

I'm sooooooooooo sorry again fo my SECOND blog stop...
the reason for the stop are:
I got a bad depression because I got bullied at school because of my transsexuality (by the way, I had an outing on the Facebook Gyaru Group ^w^).... because of my depression I had to stay in a psychiatry for two month (it was eat there)....
and now I feel more confident and stabil...
in the therapy we had so much time to do creative things like painting a.s.o.... it was very refreshing for me because I got creative again! yaiiii ^w^

in the therapy I made this: 
   two beautiful artworks (I'm so proud of me ^w^)

a pretty phone straps made of clear plastic pearls <3

a kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  big lollipop (made of papier mache)

my stiletto nails for the Japan Day 2014

so?... what do you think?.... if you want comment ^w^


its not all for today...

on april 24th I had my Bday and it was sooo nice ^^ 

I got many presents from my parents:
I loooove the Tsubasa Masuwaka eyebrow pencil <33333333

and the patients in the therapy group made special presents for me too *3*
my favourite cake in my childhood called ''Törööööö-Torte'' XD

a birthday card (so sweet -w-) and a scented candle ''Japanese Garden'' *o*

and one of my cute Facebook friends has drawn this beautiful picture 
me in Anime so cool *^*!! Thanks Ciel chan ^^

two days later we had a bigger party with the whole family (uncle, grandpa and grandma includet)

there I made a delicious strawberry cheesecake *o*

in the evening we went to my favourite mexican retsurant

burrito *o*

Tortilla- chips with a tasty salsa 

very yummi cocktail called ''B*** Job'' X''D

my favourite cocktail called ''Cranberry Cooler'' <3

all in all my Bday was very beautiful
and also a very good thing was that I was able to order one of Primero's newest sets:

【限定】ICEカップケーキBABYSetUp  ホワイト

【限定】ICEカップケーキBABYSetUp  ホワイト

【限定】ICEカップケーキBABYSetUp  ホワイト
The Primero Cupcake-set

Icant wait to receive it *____*

so I hope you enjoyed the post and THANKYOU so much for reading my bog... I'm so happy to have you and the whole Gal- Community <3



Fireball-cake XD (me in Ma*rs for the first time)

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