4 Jun 2014

#26 If I were a fairy- my fairy-spring-garden project

Hello my lovely followers,
on the weekend the weather here was very nice.. the sun was shining and I had alot of freetime..

so I decided to make my own little princess/fairy themed garden bed... it was my first time I did 
something like this..

I really love pink and of course gardening so I tink it is a good idea for my personal corner in our 
big garden ^^ 

I got this beautiful pinku flowers *o*

and this dark and very rich high quality earth for gardening

and I collected this very pretty stones from our local forest
Now I was ready to START

I did the the shape of the bed

I removed the foil till I have the  earth and 

I loosend the earth

I have filled it out with the garden earth

after that I planted the flowers..

....I decorated it with stones and a cute lantern ^o^


the result looks a bit like a grave X'D... but it will grow very big 

so I will make an update every month on my blog^^

what do you think of the result?

I hope you like my very creative post ^^

and I hope you like what I did

...and if you want leave a comment below 

See 'ya


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