22 Jun 2014

#28 My Gyaru knowledge...

Hey everyone ^o^ 

Many of you heard that the glorious years of Gyaru will fade away in the streets of Tokyo  >-<... 

and a new streetstyle called ''Neo-Gal'' becomes popular in japan started by the japanese model 
and fashion designer Alisa Ueno (by the way she is very pretty I think)..

to me it looks like normal streetwear -.-

but it's prooved that its NOT a Gyaru substyle!!

here is the proof!

So now to all beginner Gals I will tell you everything what I know about Gyaru (my knowledge ^^'')

1st: Choose the substyle you want!

Gyaru has soooooo many substyles so you can choose from older and newer styles...
the Styles goes from... 

...extreme flashy  styles like Kuro Gyaru...

....to glamorous Agejo or Hime....

.....the more dark rockish styles like Goshikku or Rokku...

......to sweet and innocent styles like Romantic Gyaru....

but there are soooooo many other styles too ^o^

2nd makeup (the basics)

point1: Face/Nose conture and highlight

point2: Circle Lenses:
there are so many different colors, patterns and sizes
but use korean or japanese or korean circle lenses because they are in a very high quality and better for your eyes!

point3: eyemakeup

1st: upper AND lower lashes
I recommend Diamond Lash eyelashes... with different types of lashes you can create different eyeshapes...

2nd: black and white eyeliner

3rd: Eyeshadow

3rd: hair

there are sooooooo many options you can do your hair for Gyaru.. it only depends on the substyle you choose ^O^

...but don't make it boring ^o^

4th: the outfit

there are many many substyles so you have a wide choice of clothes and brands you can choose for your daily coord but it has to fit to the Gyaru style you choose ^^ for example dont wear pink frills bows lace etc.. when you try Goshikku XD

(I don't own all the pictures)

but the most important thing is: STAND OUT and be yourself ^o^

please comment if you want ^^ 

see 'ya


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