7 Jun 2014

#27 ''Prospective Kawaii Leaders'' Contest ~I need YOUR support!!

Hey everyone!

Today I have entered to the Kawaii Leader Contest for Kawaii.i and Kawaii.i International the TV show on NHK world...
(picture by: Kawaii.i)

I have entered to this contest with this two pictures
Hairbow: Princess Melody
Dress/Babydoll: Princess Melody
Bag: Sanrio x Vivitix
Shoes: LaPafait

.....to win this prize
(picture by Kawaii.i)
my choice was the Swankiss clothes (the second picture from the right)

if you want you can like my entry here ^^

All kawaii people have time till the 15th of June 2014 to enter to this contest

after that you can vote for the contestants...

...so PLEASE vote for me!! It wold be so awesome *o* because I will represent the Himegyaru style in the KAWAII world <3

See 'ya


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