16 Jul 2014

#30 Liese Prettia Bubble Hi Bleach review..

Hello everyone

I hate my black roots and strands and I don't want to go to a hairdresser for bleach because I want to save money for my japan trip!

So I decided to bleach my hair at home as easy as possible because I wanted to do it by myself ^^

 I found a very interesting product for around 15€ 
it's called BUBBLE BLEACH, that means bleaching you'r hair with a kind of an shampoo

(by the way it's my first review, I'm not so good in that so please don't  judge me too strict XD)

first I was unsure to buy it because it's a japanese bleach for japanese hair and I have caucasin hair >__<

after thinking so long I decided to buy it.... I was very excited about this product and after 2 weeks it arrives in my mailbox

this is the box ( btw there are no english instrucions so the pictures on the box are very helpful XD)

here you can see how it would look after 20, 30 and 40 minutes ^o^, I decided to leave the foam in for 40 minutes because I wanted it very blonde ^^

...how to use it @_@
.. I think the upper part says that the treatment also has essential oils and mosturizing ingredients.. I was very corious how it works XD

the part of the back shows the materials in the box and the ingredients of the conditioner and the bleaching treatments I think...

the mterials unboxed:
a black bottle of hair color 1
a bigger clear bottle of hair color 2
one package of conditioner
one pair of plastic gloves
and a pink foaming cap (I haven't realized 
it's not on the picture XDD sorry..^^'')

the instructions ^^

I also used and old towel, cream for my face and an alarm clock for the time

and a brush ^x^

now I was ready to kill my hair XD *just kidding XDD....

(do you see my black roots DXX)

after put on the gloves and brushing my hair till it's without any flaws I mixed the two liquids
 together in bottle 2 and shaked it for 3 minutes till its all one white foam..

....like this

... then I applied the half of the whole product 
on my hair like a shampoo and waited for 40 minutes ^o^

after that washed it all out with warm water and treated my hair with conditioner for 5 Minutes..
then I washed it again and blowdryed it...


I'm so happy because my roots became brighter... now I can use my Liye colore PRISILA hairpieces and you won't recognize any dark gaps betwees the pieces and my bangs *O*

...the proof

(sorry.. I had not found a 
   better picture ;o;)

after *o*

What I think about this product:

my roots where covered perfectly
it's easy 
it's quick (I needed only 5 minutes to apply)
the smell is not so heavy like normal bleach
my hair diddn't became dry ^o^
my hair did not became broke or frizzy

the colour at my roots turned uneven (on the top they became
darker as my roots at my forhead area)
the price is higher then other bleaching/colouring products, I paid over
15 euros for one package!!
my roots on the top looks orange under brighter light XD
and only the roots in the lower section turned yellow
like on the box

all in all I give the product 3 of 5 points because the price 
is too high for the result I got...

... what do you think about it?

do you want to buy stuff like this?

Or have you made other experiences with this product?

Write a comment below if you want!^^


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