22 Sep 2014

#33 Pinku hair, new Gyaru nails, eyelash review and other stuff...

Hey everyone(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

A couple weeks ago I decided to get me a new haircolor because I wanted to try out new things 

So I decided to diye mu hair pink (magenta) pink ^^
I got inspired by the cute Gaijin Gyaru Anji Ishio  <3

Thank you so much for inspiring me cutie 

I diyed my hair with directions because I want it only for a shorter time ^^

The result on my hair:

with extensions:

with some outfits ^^

I really love the new hair color because it makes my outfits very cute and it's very different to the hair colors I had before...

Few weeks later I realised that the color faded out very fast because I diddn't pre- bleached it because I don't want to damage my hair so much >____<

I was ok with it because now it looks more like a mix of blonde, baby pink and pink ^^

BTW: To care my damaged ends I'm using this hair mask once a week
It's the Kao Essential - Rich Premier  Hair mask
It's a recommendation from my best friend Lenie

New nails

Two weeks ago I received my new HImegyaru nails from Japan

It came in a small DIY pack so I was able to glue the Gems, roses, pearls etc.. on nails who are big enough for my fingernails 
I really love the nails because it looks very professional to me and I can use them in daily life because they are not too long like the nails I made for the J-Day in Düsseldorf XD

Eyelash review
In the last days I got 2 sets of new Eyelashes from the Brand: Twinkle Lash ^o^

Left: Sexy Eye (upper)
Right: Honey Eye (lower)

How it looks with Gyaru makeup:

closer view

now to the review:

cheap price- I paid only 100 yen each pack (with 5 pairs)
so they are the cheapest lashes I know
and the quality is the same like Diamond Lah

very comfortable- because of soft lash band

very good lenght and volume- the upper lashes are perfect for more dramatic eye makeups

easy to remove from the box

they are a bit short so you need two pairs to achive a droopy eye look

my rating:

            lenght and volume:
              lenght of the lash band: 

My Halloween outfit plan

You know in one month and nine days Is HALLOWEEN ( ´∀`)☆

 For this day I'm planning  to go out with a cute Gyaru Halloween costume 

I want to go as Sexy Gyaru Cat so I ordered this stuff

a sexy Yukata

a faux fur band/scarf for the cat tail

this yellow/blonde wig

cat ears with chocker

I also will do Gyaru makeup mit cat whiskers and a scar with a bit artifacial blood
I will also paint my nails black XD

New brand love 

I really fell in love with the japanese Gyaru brand Rady
Models are for example: Rina Sakurai and Shizuka Muto
 (both ex-Ageha models)

because of their glamorous and trendy but casual clothing shoes and accessories

パールジュエリーウールハット ブラック
ラグジュアリーファーポンチョ ココアベージュ
クリスタルサテンパンプス チェリーピンク M
ラクーンファーニットコート ココアベージュ
フレームミルフィーユダウンコート ピンクサファイア
ステンドグラスワンピース イエロー M

They also have a big Room Wear collection
メロウマーブルパジャマ ピンク
リゾートフラワーキャミロング ブラック

a House Line collection

【ウォシュレット】メロウマーブルトイレ3点セット ピンクベージュ

ステンドグラスベッドカバー シングル ピンク

They have also a Men's collection :D

I hope I will buy a whole outfit from them one day when I have enough money (≧ω≦)

So I hope you like my long blogpost a be inspired a bit *^^*

thank you so much for reading <33

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Thank you


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