1 Sep 2014

#32 New style....

Hey everyone

I really love the cute Himegyaru and Agejo because they are so cute and sexy and I think it suits me very much and I don't want to strop wearing it because they are my forever main styles!!

But sometimes I think it's very boring to wear only two styles...

So I decided to try out a new style called Saike Gyaru (=Psyche Gal)
it's very rare but I really like it ^^

that means:

braided hairbands or bandanas with Bohemian prints

lots of accessories like big colorful necklaces with charms like dream catchers etc..

flowing dresses with tribal-/Bohemian prints

flashy clothes

long hair (wavy or straight) with feather extensions /colorful extensions

some clothes from brands I can use:


me Jane


OR any Bohemian inspired clothes, shoes or accessories from local Second Hand Shops ^^

So all in all I will dress very Hippie but with a glamorous/rockish/sexy touch

what do you think about this style?

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Peace and see ya *^^*

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