16 Nov 2014

#41 Sexy in Yukata: New Gyaru wig, G_S and other stuff..

 How are you today?

Today I got the blonde wig I showed you in a past post

It looks a bit different like on the picture above but I'm ok with that ^^
How I look with the wig


I also did a coord with my sexy Yukata

I bought it for around 8 euros and I'm really happy that it looks very natural

and I bought me my first OTK boots at H&M for Agejo ^^

Positive Gyaru Secret:

Normally I hate Gyaru secrets  (G_S) because anonymous people try to hurt Gyarus and Gyaru-os because they are jealous and mean people -.- 
But today the post #319!! shows alot of positive stuff like on Gyaru Valentine

Someone also posted me there too 
Thank you so much secret poster for doing this

btw... These are my favourite posts....
So perfect right?

I love this two pictures, it's so important to stop this mean g_s community
because it's poison for the whole Gyaru comm

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