24 Nov 2014

#42 Dear Queen Circle Lenses by Sakurina...


How are you today?

Are you also corious which Circle Lenses Sakurina wears on her photos?
like on this photo 

Too good that Sakurina shared this video on her personal Facebook Account

It's the brand called DearQueen created by herself

Here you will go to the official website for the Circle Lenses Sakurina produced...

I was also really amazed by the awesome design of the website 
and beautiful fashion shots
(ameblo.jp & dearqueen.jp)


The available colors:

1. Natural Brown:
(perfect for mature Onee looks)

2. Hazel Brown:
(perfect for sexy Agejo/Kyaba- and other ''over-the-top'' looks)

3. Gray:
(perfect for cool Rokku or Goshikku looks)

I hope she  will produce more of these amazing designgs maybe in blue, pink or green

The diameter of  the lenses is 14.2mm total (standart Koakuma Ageha measurments)
so it's easier to use for beginners and more comfortable to wear!!

You can order the lenses directly on the wbsite but you need a Shopping Service when you live outside japan!!

I think I will also get me at least one pair of the Hazel Brown or the Grey lenses when I'm in japan

What do you think of them and do you have a favourite, or do you already have them and what are your experiences?

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