2 Dec 2014

#44 fav. Gyaru hair tutorials

How are you today?

In the moment I'm really motivatet to do amazing Gyaru hairstyles without using my beloved Prisila wig pieces ^o^

Well, Prisilas are really good to achive gorgeous big hair or amazing curly hairstyles but you can make only Gyaru hairstyles with lots of volume and only with a couple of colors but not with other colors like grey or other flashy colors and I want to create more induvidual styles with individual strands (for gorgeous Sujimori hairsets), cornrows or any braids.

So I think YouTube and scans from japanese fashion magazines are a very good help

Here are some of my favourite hairstyle ideas and tutorials I found so far!

by my favourite YouTuber Nuehle

by the gorgeous Shiena

Tutorials for more advanced gals and guys:

This video focus more on the Jesus Diamante Himegyaru style in general but it shows the way how to create big Hime mori hair! 

and last but not least this amazing hairstyle *O*

I love all this tutorials because they are easy explained ^^

Some videos are in japanese but you can  follow the steps really good because of the good camera work and the slow execution!

Some scans I fouund on my desktop:

 photo ageha_1107_23.jpg

 photo ageha_apr08_13.jpg

 photo ageha_apr08_79.jpg

I personally prefer the video tutorials more because they are better explained and you see the process better (I'm more the learning by watching person)  and maybe 
for non japanese speaking people it's more difficult to follow the steps in the scans I think!

What do you think?
Do you prefer the videos or the scans?
or are both versions ideal for you?

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