8 Dec 2014

#45 New La Pafait coat...

How are you today?

A couple days ago I received a big parcel from my dear friend Lenie ^^

what I got:

 This amazing LaPafait coat *o*

back side

I'm in love with the coat because it's so fluffy, cute, pink and warm 

it has so many cute details:

crystal heart buttons

a lot of bows 

and four layers of lace at the bottom

Me wearing thie coat together with my favourite La Pafait dress ^^

sorry for the blurryness btw XD

I also got some free gifts from her *___*
a princess bra

and some dutch candy... nom nom nom!!(=^-ω-^=)

I can highly recommend Lenie as a seller becauss she is really reliable and she answered really quick!
She also shipped the parcel very fast (I got my parcel two days after I paid)

So I give her

of 5 hearts ^^

I hope you liked my today's post and thank you so much for reading my blog

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