12 Jan 2015

#47 New Clothes from Sui / My Gyaru closet...

I hope you have a wonderful day ^^

Yestarday I received my parcel from the cute Swan Princess Sui Swan!!

(Warning: my hands were really shaky atm and the light in my room is kinda bad when it's in the evening so mosz pictures turned into really low quality T____T)

What I got:

a new Princess Melody dress with their first print)

(Ruby Rose Nekomimi hairband)

The products were used but the condition was as new so I was really happy about it ^^
I also got my first DaTuRa dress....

... and a hostess club cart from a cute hostess club as a present

My feedback to Sui: The communication was really good and the shipping was very fast ^^ All in all I think she is a really nice and reliable seller ^^

I give her:
 of 5 hearts ^^

My Gyaru closet

A couple days ago i decoded to make a post about my full gal closet ^^
I really like it when Gyarus show off their closets because you will get a lot of inspiration from eachother ^^

Let's start with my beautiful Hime dresses:
La Pafait; the smaller black dress on the right is a romper-dress

Princess Melody; the right one is a SetUp

Other style clothing:
(whoops that turned really bad sorry ><)
left: BoBon21 inspired skirt from eBay
right: LizLisa
(for Dolly Gyaru/Himekaji)

top: from a german shop in Berlin
pencil dress: DaTuRa
shorts: New Yorker
belt: TaoBao
(perfect for Onee I think ^^)

bunny cardigan: eBay
dress: D.I.A
(for Agejo or Kurogyaru)

both LaPafait

BoBon21 inspired poncho from eBay

I don't own alot of brand shoes T___T I need more because they are perfect *__*

Heart Heels: DreamV
Wedges: LaPafait

both from a german shoe store

OTK boots: H&M
heeled short boots: Amazon

pink OTK boots: from eBay and costomized with fur pompoms

left: offbrand
right: Ruby Rose

left: LizLisa
right: LaPafait
right: H&M

both necklaces are from LaPafait

I costomized this necklace because I wanted a really big Himegyaru necklace...
so I clipped a damaged LaPafait hairbow on a simple pearl necklace ^^

I also customized me a Princess garter ^^

the rings are from Princess Apparel

Yes, this cute bra also counts to my accessories :D

Ma*rs inspired stockings from eBay

cute fishnet tights also from eBay

I'm searching for more cute bags in the moment..

left: Liz Lisa (from a magazine)
right: Sanrio x Vivitix
I also count the LaPafait shopping bag as my bags ^^

Things I'm waiting for in the moment that wants to be part of my family ;:D


chained cross chocker
(I'm not sure about the brand but I think it's Glavil)

Glamorous_Jane Agejo dress

LaPafait short winter boots

another Glamorous_Jane dress *__*

小悪魔ageha memorial issue

and two packs of Gurigulash upper and lower lashes

I can't really wait to receive all this beautiful items

So that was all for today ^^

Thank you so much for visiting my blog

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