1 Jan 2015

#46 New Year 2015: Plans and Wishes


I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a wonderful New Years Eve party, a good start in the New Year and I hope your plans for this year will become true!!

I personally had a bad end of the year because I went to japan but needed to go earlier after 3 days because I got really ill and diddn't want to end up in the hospital! I felt so ashamed because I wasn't able to meet my friends 

But let's not think about that anymore  -.- ...

But I also had beautiful memories in 2014:

 I went to amazing events and Gyaru Meets
 I met my best friend Lenie Dingemanse
new gorgeous Princess Melody clothes came out
 I made many new cute and gorgeous friends
 Minami Tanaka (Purimelody) followed me on Twitter
 LaPafait became cute again
ラパフェ福袋 限定数ゴージャスプリンセスSET

Now to my main post:

Today, I made a list what I want to do in 2015

My plans/wishes/projects are:

 going to the Int. Gyaru Meet in Frankfurt
 going to the Japanday in Düsseldorf like in 2014
 visiting Tokyo again but doing real holidays: Shibuya 109, Harajuku etc... instead of staying in bed the whole day lol
 going to the dutch Gyaru meet in summer (if there is one in the netherlands that's open for international Gyarus)
celebrating my 20th Bday at Set Genki in the Hague (I really want to try the Hello Kitty High Tea there *O*)
starting my YouTube channel and doing more professional shoots with my own small photo studio
getting less ill lol
getting a new job to earn more money for japan
 maybe move out from my parents
maybe find a love of my life, like every year XD

and much more haha...

All in all I hope this year will become less crappy... I hope I will 
make new friends and make new good experiences and work harder on my blog and try to post as more as I did the last 1 1/2  years

Thank you so much for reading my blog and being part of my life

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