1 Feb 2015

#51: Gyaru Meme Day 2

A picture of myself with fifteen facts:

(well I feel sick in the moment so I had no motivation to do new pictures T^T)

Fact 1: My real name is Maxi Hoeveler

Fact 2: I live in a village called Born it's in west germany near to the border to the Netherlands

Fact 3: I have a twin brother 

Fact 4: I'm not happy with my height ( I'm 167 cm and I wish I were smaller):o: 

Fact 5: My natural hair color is black

Fact 6: My actual hair lenght in 50 cm

Fact 7: Sui was the reason why I started Gyaru

Fact 8: I'm really shy

Fact 9: I'm transgender (male to female)

Fact 10: I got bullied in school but I earned confidence through my style

Fact 11: I love cats

Fact 12: I love eating pickles

Fact 13: My natural eye colour is a really dark brown with a touch of green

Fact 14: I love cooking

Fact 15: I'm scared of slippery looking bugs and centipedes ><

I hope you liked my post and if you want to know more about me read my FAQ

Thank you so much for following and reading my blog

oh and Thank you sooo much for 100 likes on my Facebook Page btw!!
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