6 Feb 2015

#52: Gyaru Meme Day 3

On the 3rd day of Gyaru Meme I'm writing about a more serious topic:
My best and worst experiences with non- Gyarus...

To make it easier to explain I made a list of pro's and con's 
Parent; Grandparents, non-Gyaru friens and strangers are included *^o^*

First I'm starting with the positive positive experiences 

people said:
''OMG you look like a doll!! Can you teach me how to do that dolly makeup''
''Can we take a picture with you? You look so amazing''
''You are such a cutie''
''I wanna cuddle you :3''
''You look amazing!! Is that LaPafait?''
''Are you a model? You are so beautiful!!'' (I was wearig DaTuRa)
''You look so fashionable'' (I was wearing D.I.A at a New Years eve party)

my worst experiences with Non-Gyarus

people said:
'' what the fuck..carnival is over!!''
''Ewwww... you look like a slut!!'' (I was wearing Ma*rs)

''You don't know how racist you are!!''

'' awww... you are such a cute Lolita...'' ( -.-)
''I know your style: It's called: Manga-Style!!''
(taken from Ginger Gaijin Gyaru)

Once time a group of guys whistled to me and one guy grabbed my butt (the most shitty 
experience -.-)!!! 

That was all for today!
Thank you so much for reading my post and if you want... tell me about
 your worst and good experiences with non- Gyarus/ non- Gyaru-os with a comment below ^o^

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