28 Apr 2015

#62: Forever Girly - Kawaii Doll Favourites

Today's post is about my latest addiction for girly things especially cute dolls!!

I have a bad flue in the moment >< so I used the boring time to research on Tumblr and Google Images for BJDs, Dolfies, Takara Barbies, Pullip etc..

Here are my favourites I found so far ^o^

BJD's and Pullip Dolls
Sebastian <33 
Bildergebnis für uta tokyo ghoul
(An Uta BJD would be perfect <33 He is my Anime husband btw!! <33)

Some Himekaji BJD's

This elf doll looks amazing !!

A lovely princess <3

She looks so fashionable <33

perfect!! and I love the fluffy hats! 

amazing *___*  So oldschool!! <3

A cute Lolita Pullip! So angelic *O*

So cute right *O*

I also found some Takara Barbies I really want *O*
Because they are styled gyaru <3

I definately want her because she pulled of Agejo Gyaru perfectly
Her Name is Jessica <333

She reminds me of Tsubasa Masuwaka *__*

Her Onee look is amazing!!

How amazing is this *__*

What do you think?
Write a comment below if you want <3

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