16 May 2015

#67: Chi loves drawing ( ´∀`)☆ /my obsession with Winx Club

Since I realized how exhausting my work at the hairdresser is, I decided to draw/ sketch during my breaks ^o^

 Here is what I made so far:

Here I got inspired by Winx Club fairies because beside Adventure Time it's my most favourite cartoon :D

Btw: Season 7 is already coming out on may 24th (btw if you don't like it just don't klick it ^o^)  :D and I can't wait *O*
Too bad it came out in greece first ;o;  because I won't understand any word XD
But otherwise I'm happy for the greek fans <33

and here I was brave enough to draw a colored version ^^

What do you think of  my sketches?

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