18 May 2015

#69: Gyaru video treasures on YouTube

I love searching on YouTube for new makeup and hair inspo and tutorials but sometimes I find some recorded japanese TV shows who reported about the world of Gyaru!!
Here are some gold pieces I found <33

Gyaru makeover in Shibuya 109

A report about Ank Rouge producer Rie Matsuoka (Okarie)

Something about the old school styles *___*

I love Mama report

Cocolulu <33

An Agejo report (with makeover) featuring Shizuka Muto

This cute woman got an amazing makeover by Guri and Gura
(that proofes: You'll be never too old for Gyaru <3)

BENI got a Diamante Hime makeover *O* (+introduction of the style)

MaNa indroduced Jesus Diamante

MaNa indroduced LaPafait

Diamond Lash ad

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