11 Jun 2015

#72: Japanday 2015/ Amazing found on amazon.jp

Today's post is about the Japanday I attendet <3

On may 30th I visited the Japanday in Düsseldorf for the fourth time ^o^


dress: GOLD's Infinity
cardigan: KillaH
boots: h&m
stockings: chinese fashion store
necklace: I AM
gloves: from a carnival store

first, I travelled by train to Düsseldorf main station where I realized how windy it was @@

then I walked around 45 minutes straight to the rhine promenade and I needed to stop a couple of times because it was so windy and cold and I was very worried about my hair and makeup >_<

Unfortunately I haven't took a lot of photos  because the weather became worse and when I reached the Rhine it started to rain and to hail, and I was really frustrated ;A:
I planned a meet and we wanted to meet up at a meeting point but it was impossible to find me because I hided myself under a umbrella behind a van with some other nice people <33

shit weather selfie after the hailstorm :'D

In the afternoon it started to get better 
then I started to enjoy the day because the sun started to shine.... FINALLY *O*

I had amazing food and drink ^o^

miso with soba *o*  (I forgot how it's called ><)

Bubbletea with peach and strawberry <3
sooooo delicious *O*

my gets:

I wanted this fan for so long because I want to start a diy project with this kind of fans <3

strawbbery and chocolate pocky *O*

and mochi with coconut and pandan 
it is really delicious and looks cute *^w^*

It wasn't my favourite Jday because the bad weather destroyed my good mood ;o; But it became really nice in the evening ^ ^

Amazing found on amazon.jp

A couple days ago I was searching for the new Ageha magazine I want so much ^^

while searching with the keyword ''Ageha'' I saw this piece of gold *O*

It's Sakurina's book called ''10 COLORS''
I was like: ''Oh my.... I need it so badly!!!''
I was searching for this book  for a long time and finally I found it <33
As far as I know it's a kind of photo book ^o^

I hope you liked my today's post and if you want write me a comment or follow my blog <3


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