28 Jun 2015

#74: Gaijin Gyaru Inspirations/ Gaijin Jfashion Inspiration

Today I write about my Gaijin Gyaru inspirations.
To make it more clear I've listed them by country



She's into Rokku and Tsuyome in the moment and really rocks the styles
Her makeup and hair is always on paoint!
She is my no.1 Gaijin inspo!
(the photos are from her Facebook)


She's my dutch Agejo inspiration and my Gyaru friend 
Her coords are always perfect and I love her Ma*rs closet!
(pictures from her Facebook and blog)


Lizzie and Chewiee:

They both are so gorgeous *O*
both pull of the sexy and cool side of Gyaru (Agejo/ Tsuyome/ Rokku)
and the sweet Gyaru style so well!!
(photos are from their blogs and Facebook pages)


Cho Long:

Her Dolly Himegyaru style is amazing and she has a gorgeous figure
her makeup is always so perfect and flawless 
She leads the korean Gal circle called ''Princess Gal''
(photos from her Facebook Fanpage)



Angel is gorgeous
She looks like a totally different person in every pictureand her makeup skills are amazing!
She is like an enchanting fairy and magical unicorn *O*
(pictures from her Facebook)

United States:


Isn't she incredibly beautiful!
She looks like an Ageha model <3
Her current style is Onee and it suits her amazingly but she was also into Agejo!
She reminds me so much of Satomin *O*

Ebi Chu:

Now I want to introduce you my Kuro Gal pal Ebi (Ari Marie)
She is is so gorgeous and her hair is so big (I'm so jelly of her sujimori skills *o*)
Her current style is Kuro but she was an amazing hime in the past <33
(pictures are from her Facebook and the Hime picture is from her old blog)

UK --> Japan


She is such a cutie
It's like every jappanese fashion style suits her
I really want to meet her in real life because she inspire me a lot!
(I found the photos on Katies Facebook)

Canada --> Japan


She is Gyaru perfection!!
I can't decide which of the styles she pulls off I like the most on her because she looks always godly
Her hair accessories are perfect and her drawing/ fashion design skills are gorgeous!!
(pictures from her Facebook)



Another Gaijin inspiration is my Hime friend Emma
She is so gorgeous and her outfits are always well coordinated <33
On the outfit picture she wears her self made corset of her brand ''Hime Nannie''
I want to be the first who will buy an item from her because it looks so stunning!!  <333
(photos from her Facebook)

and last but not least:



I really love her current style and I must say it suits her the most <33
But Hime suited her aswell.
She makes me to want white hair too *O*
(photos from her Facebook)

I'm really happy there are so many gorgeous people out of japan who give me a  lot of inspo to improve my style

That was all for today ^^


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