1 Aug 2015

#75: International Gyaru Summer MeetUp by Hyper Gyarusa

From July 17th to July 18th I visited the International Gyaru Meet in Utrecht.

On friday we had a small pre meet to warm up for saturdays big Gyaru event ^^

We first went to a very beautiful place in Utrecht to chat and to take nice pictures together ^o^

My face for the day (sorry I haven't took an outfit picture on this day)

All together ^o^

we also took selfies ofcourse :D
My selfie game game wasn't that strong this day XD

Jojo and I ^o^

with Anna <33 I loved her outfit so much *O*

After a while got hungry and went to a very nice french looking restaurant in the heart of the city 

first we needed to go downstairs 
It was a little struggle because the stairs where a little small and I was afraid to fall down ><

the view of the dining room ^^ so beautiful right!!
( my phone quality really sucked there because it was kind of dark >o< 
The food was amazing because they are offering french, japanese and mexican dishes which I really love *^*

what I ordered:
tomato cream soup (my childhood memory)

and really delicious enchiladas *___*

After this really nice day we where ready for Saturdays Meetup 

On saturday we first met up at Utrecht Centraal to go all together to the very nice venue where the event took place

There was a lot of cool program like a introduction game, a para para show, a raffle, karaoke, a para para game and a dance party at the end

we also went outside to enjoy the good weather

The selfies of that day ^^
with Chewiee

with Jojo again ^^

with Kitai and Barbara

with Sharon and Jasmin

with Floriane

Isabelle and I

Wesley and I ^^

with our photographer Giovanni :D

He also made amazing photos at Oshare con of me ^o^

and he made this cute photo of me and Sharon at the venue
(I changed my outfit for the dance party (dress: Stella))

we made some amazing group pictures aswell

derp picture  included :'D

Agepoyoooooo <33

My outfit:
dress, bag: Glamorous Jane
boots: Ma*rs

I first planned to do the look with the Ma*rs boots but it turned out the streets of Utrecht are too dangerous for stiletto boots

so I changed to this combination
shoes: from my mum
stockings: local chinese fashion store

My makeup and hair:
(I always hate when the bright sun washes out nose contour ><)

I got a new valentine too *O*
thank you so much secret valentine poster ^3^ <33

So all in all I was so happy to attend this meetup because it was one of the best I ever had <33

(photo credits: Hyper Gyarusa
                                            Giovanni Andres Thielman
                     Anna Spaenji)


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