8 Feb 2016

#82: International Gyaru Lovers MeetUp 2016

Two weeks ago our Gyarusa and I visited the 5th international Gyaru Lovers Winter Meetup in Frankfurt ^^

It was my 3rd time ^^

(disclaimer: I had so much fun that I totally forgot to make a lot of pictures XD)

On Friday we had a small pre meet at a very nice steak house called ''Meat Us''


Coat: Ma*rs
Dress: Wink Wink
Accessories: Bijou Brigitte
socks: offbrand

a better view on my makeup ^^
(photo by Lily) 

What I got for dinner *O*
I was actually the first time I ate Hummus and sweet potato fries but it was heaven *w*
and I got a really delicious cocktail called ''melon Cooler ^o^

Ria and I ^o^

with Ari and Chewiee (photo by Ari)

with Gina, Amanda, Lily, Aiko, Ria and Annika  ^^
(photo by Annika)

every meet isn't complete with a ultimative derp picture :'D
(photo also by Annika)

The pre meet was already so much fun and we could not wait until the next day ^^

On Saturday the big Gyaru event started *O*

after a couple of us got ready :D
So much furrrrr!! :3

I loved the mirror infront of our hotel <33

so many gorgeous people right? :D

After we took pictures outside we entered the amazing location that includes a big karaoke stage :D

First we started with a introduction of everyone at the event ^^

our Gyarusa Velvet ^o^

Then we had some free time to talk to each other and getting snapped by our amazing photographer Phillip who took a lot of effort to make every picture flawless <333
with Sarah, Jada, Lizzie, Aiko and Chewiee ^^

We also had a chance to see Plutominum and Belia performing amazing Parapara on stage *O*

Oh and our ex king Wesley did an amazing performance as well :D

A bring and buy fashion show was also a must and couldn't be missed at an event like this ^^

Me just trying to show off stuff  XD

After that we had a small raffle and the next Gyaru Lovers Awards ^^

Even when I diddn't won anything I was super happy I got nominated for best Agejo, best Hime and sweetest Gyaru *O*

I was so glad that 5 Velvets won a category especially Hans and Lilys crownation to Mr. and Mrs. Gyaru Lovers was amazing!!

They looked so happy :D

everyone was so pretty *O*
(photo by Lizzie ^^)

Then we decided to make professional photos for our Velvet page on Facebook 

getting ready for the small shooting :D 

So freaking awesome right? *O*

Shitface time XD

my outfit ^^
I decided to go for an old-school Agejo look (which is my preferred style in the moment)
dress, coat: Gold's Infinity
gloves, hair accessories: Claire's
necklaces: Accessorize
shoes: offbrand

It was the first international meet I actually found myself beautiful!!

after the main program the highlight of the evening started:


It was the first time I was brave enough to sing ^^

I was singing ''make me wanna die'' from The Pretty Reckless with Ari and Aiko
and ''Let it go'' from Frozen with our Gyarusa

After the main meet was over we went to our hotel to gat ready for clubbing
with the gorgeous Ari and Lily ^o^

but we realized everyone was so tired
so we had a nice room party at Wesley's and Jada's hotel room

Da people on da bed XD

Lily, Belia, Chewiee, Lizzie and me ^^

-Spin the lemon- :D
Here you can see the d.i.a dress I was wearing (borrowed from Ari)
(photo by Kati)

we went back to our hotel at 4am so you can guess we had a lot of fun :D

All in all the event was seriously the best international meetup :D

I already miss everyone but I'm happy I can see a few of them at least every month ^o^

(Photo credits: Gyaru Lovers Events
Kati Busk
Lily Antoinette Grey
Lizzie Bee
Ari Sakurai
Hans Ludes
Annika von Stein) 


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