3 Jan 2016

#81: Last Christmas ✧ Last Year ✧ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^o^

First of all 


I hope you enjoyed the New Years Eve and had a nice end of the year ^^

Today I post about my Chhristmas gets
my achievements from last year
and my goals and plans for 2015 ^o^

1st: Christmas gets ^^

To be honest Santa was reaaaallly nice to me XD

I love everything *o*
Can't decide which I love thge most <33

✧I got my first Amiibo
✧New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward
✧an IPL Hair Removal Kit
✧a macaron and cupcake book
✧and a Veggie Cooking book *^*

I also spoiled myself with some really nice items hehe :D

fluffy hat from GYDA (I'll probably get it at the International Gyaru Meet because I want to try it on first ^^ )

this super amazing Gold's Infinity coat arrived as a belated christmas present to me *O*

a striped dress I bought from Lily ^o^

btw.. Here are  a few pictures I made during playing new Style Boutique  ^^

Yeah I wish to look this perfect in real life tbh :'D <3

an homage to my friend Jojo :D
an homage to my circle <333

I love this game ^^

What do you think?

2nd: My last years achievements:

To be honest 2015 was my best year in my Gyaru journey so far *O*

✧ I attendet the International gyaru meet the 2nd time 

✧I attendet the first Oshare Con and modeled for the first time *O*

✧I attendet the Hyper Summer Meet in summer

✧I celebrated my birthday at Set Genki Tei in The Hague

✧ I became member of Velvet *O*

✧ I got very satisfied with my Gyaru name : Chihiro/ Chii

✧ I did a massive makeup and style change

My favourite six pictures of the year ^o^

So all in all the year was a whole adventure ^^

3rd: 2016 Goals

1st: attending High School and being more stylish at school as much as I'm allowed to ^^

2nd: visiting the International Gyaru Lovers Meet with my Circle

3rd: watching the GGA's with my Velvets and Plutonium (still to broke to visit it XD)

4th: visiting the Osharecon in march

5th: visiting the Japanday for the 4th time

Bildergebnis für japantag

So this are my plans for now ^^
Maybe some plans will follow in the next months but I think these are the main things and highlights of this year ^^

I hope you all will achieve your goals as well ^o^
I'm already excited of everything <33


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