16 Jul 2016

#86: [Review] New-Style-Boutique 2: >>Fashion Forward>>

wow it's been a while since I did my last entry but I had simply no motivation to write anything ^^''
sorry ><
But now I'm back yay^o^


Toda's post is about a relatively underrated game called:

source: Nintendo

(also known as Style Savvy: Fashion Forward or Girls Mode 3: Kirakira)

This game was released last year and it's playable for Nintendo 3 DS


(image source: angelathisislife.com)

In this game you play a girl who moved into a bigger city called ''Beaumonde City'' and your main mission/dream is to open a boutique and become famous with it!

(my boutique)



you have a lot of other oppurtunities in this fabulous game as well

you can become a well known hairdresser 
at a small but pretty hair salon or get your hair done too

(image source: angelathisislife.com)

You can be a makeup artist at a cosmetic studio

You can be creative and become a fashiom designer

You can organise your own fashion show and sell tickets for it

and you can become a street fashion model

In addition to all these super cool jobs there are a lot of fun places and shops to visit

Outside the big city you are able to visit

a japanese garden

a theme park

a mansion with a big flower field

a kind of an oceanside resort

a luxurious restaurant

and another city (?) where you can hang out with customers and friends and eat Crepes

Back in Beaumonde City there are a lot of nice places as well

you can become creative and customize up to 9 rooms in this mansion (it reminds me of a doll house :3)

you can get furniture as a gift from people
or you can get them at a furniture shop

Just visit this area and you have access to

a big fashion mall where you can buy stuff for your boutique and yourself like clothing such as accessories, bags, shoes etc.
My favourite brands there are AZUSA (cool and sexy), Marzipan Sky (girly) and ENID CHEN (luxury and elegant)

the fashion shows take place at the fashion arena

at this studio you will get your fashion design jobs


enter this fancy park 

and have a cup of tea at a beautiful rose garden

or talk to this lady to get new colours for your palette

On the east side of the city you can hang out at a cafe

and you can acces a small concert hall

There is so much to visit right? :D

at your cozy home (located in the center of the city) you can save your game, change your outfit and makeup or do general changes

My favourite looks/outfits:
(MA*RS/ Agejo inspired)

(inspired by Koda Kumi) 

(d.i,a/Tsuyome inspired)

(I like this kind of feature :'D)

(traditional japanese)

(Liz Lisa/ Himekaji inspired)

(summery Oneegyaru inspired)

(2009 inspired Gyaru kei)

[What's your favourite outfit?]


What I love about this game:

-you have a wide range of hair- and fashion styles you can choose from (Agejo, Tsuyome, Oneegyaru, casual style, Goth/Sweet Lolita, Goth, Punk, Rokku, Cosplay, preppy style, girly style, kinda pop-/ fairy-/ decora kei, sport chic...)

-You can be really creative

-the game has a cute and vivid concept

-the animation and music is nice

What I dislike:

-Conversations are getting boring from time to time especially when you finished the game

- it isn't an open world game 

all in all I give the game:


I recommend it to everyone who love to be creative with fashion and it's perfect especially for those who are in love with japanese fashion and pop culture ^_^ 

What do you think about this game? 

See you in my next post!


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