19 Jan 2017

#88: I'm still alive - style process and new inspo

It's been a while since I've made my last blogpost ^^;
I'm so sorry about that but I was really busy with school and had no inspirations or ambitions to create a new post >< 
so I hope to post more freuquently this year again ^o^
Anyways, 2017 has started19 days ago and I hope you had a nice christmas/ nye and I hope you can reach your goals this year ~
I personally started to work on my makeup and tried out different styles in december/january such as Rokku and I fell in love with Gyaru-kei and Amekaji. (Still keeping Agejo though since it's still my favourite style)

(Rokku coord for NYE
everything is offbrand except of the boots (H&M))

(Gyaru kei #1 - cool
hat. cardigan, sunglasses, shirt: offbrand
belt: MA*RS
boots, tights: H&M)

(Gyaru- kei #2 - sporty
T-shirt, tights: offbrand
denim jacket: F21
skirt: H&M
sneakers: Graceland
beany: Tobacco
glasses: eBay)

(Gyaru - kei #3 - dark & sweet
dress: Dazzlin
hat, shoes, stockings: eBay
earrings: Taobao
choker: offbrand)

(Gyaru kei #4 - glamorous
coat, belt: GOLD's Infinity
top, skirt: H&M
boots, stockings, hat, glasses: eBay)

(Gyau- kei #5 - cute
dress, jacket: F21
belt: GOLD's Infinity
necklace: H&M
hairbow, tights, boots: offbrand)

(Gyaru - kei #6 - sexy
dress, belt: GOLD's Infinity
scarf, sunglasses, stockings: offbrand
rose: Claire's)

(Gyaru - kei #7 - Popteen inspired
earmuffs, glasses, tights, legwarmers, gloves, scarf: offbrand
cardigan, ''selfie- queen'' top: H&M
skirt: Sky Bomber
sneakers: Graceland)

I loooove Gyaru- kei because it can look cool, cute and sexy and it's wearable in school ^^
I also fell in love with Amekaji and can't wait to try this style as well *O*
I got inspired by these pictures I found all over the internet ^o^
Gyaru - kei


I love Amekaji because it screams summer haha <3

I just hope that it suits me ;;
already ordered some Cocolulu, W<3C and MapleQ items and can't wait to unbox them ^o^
what do you think of Amekaji?
leave a comment if you want


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