23 Oct 2014

#37 Gyaru name changed and small update in my life..

Yesterday I decided to change my Gyaru name ^o^

I changed my name from Hana to CHIHIRO (ちひろ)

I changed it because in my eyes, Hana is very boring (idk why XD) and I personally dpn't like the name anymore ;___;

Chihiro is on of my favourite japanese names and I think it's very cute and unique for a Gaijin Gyaru name

The main character of my  favourite Anime Movie is called also Chihiro ^x^

Spirited Away (picture by Studio Ghibli)

There is also one of my favourite singers called CHIHIRO


and there is also the Model Shihiro Kondo
(found the pictures on Tumblr)

she also modeled for Ma*rs
(found the picture on Tumblr)

Oh and I slso changed my header^^

♥ChiMelo109 ★~(◡﹏◕♥)✿

Small update

In the moment I have so many plans for winter 2014 and the year 2015
I think it will become awesome *___*

1st: Japan Trip:
On december 14th my dream will become finally true *O*
I will go to JAPAAAAN for one month ^o^
I will travel to Tokyo till january 12
My dear friend Lenie will also visit Tokyo for two weeks and we will stay together in a apartment
I can't wait <333
(photo by Wikipedia)

2nd: 4th International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet 2015 
On January 24th I will visit the Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet in Frankfurt ^^
It's my second international meet and I'm looking very forward to it *___*
(photo by Gyaru Lovers)

3rd: Japanday 2015 in Düseldorf

On may 30th I will visit the japanday for the 4th time and I think we will have also a Gyaru meet there ^^
(photo by japantag-duesseldorf-nrw.de)

I also  want to visit the Oshare Con in the Netherlands organized by Rox but I'm not sure to go XD

(photo by orsharecon.nl)


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