4 Sep 2015

#76: New love brand Black Queen/ my favourite outfits atm/ makeup struggles

Sorry for the long blog stops but I'm really lazy in the moment to write XD

today's blogpost is about the Ane Gyaru brand called ''Black Queen'' on Rakuten

渋谷109系レディスファッション BLACKQUEEN(ブラッククイーン)|ギャル服 渋谷109系通販 ファッション・セットアップ・ワンピース・GHOST OF HARLEM

It's basically a brand who features a couple of J- fashion styles 

They producing these styles:

(really casual but stylish aswell)

(for the KoGals)

(perfect for Onee and Mode Gyaru)

(the Black Queen classics also called BQ)

(really cool tho huh? :D)

(this category has a lot of nice and cheap (compared to other Gyaru brands) Ane Gyaru/ Ora Ora items)

So cool right ^^ 

I really love the concept of Black Queen to offer different styles.

and I already bought me a really nice item from the Gal Style section ^^

(as you can see Yumachi is one of the main models *O*)

me wearing it with my beloved d.i.a belt ^o^

this will be also mine in the future hehe ( Ireally like the badass/ rockish vibe of a lot of items of this brand )

Here are a couple of  items of this years autumn collection:




oh and they're selling also a couple of Ghost of harlem stuff ^^



What do you think?
Do you like this brand?
and what do you think of the wide range of styles?

Comment if you want ^^

Well it's not the end of this post ^^
You know I did a big change in my Gyaru life

I quit Hime (maybe come back in the future)

and I fell in love with Agejo, Tsuyome and Anegyaru so much *O*

Here are: some outfits I wore in the last weeks and months:

dress: Yumetenbo
boots: h&m
stockings: offbrand
pearl necklaces: I'am

cardigan, pink top, Litas: offbrand
shorts: Forever21
choker: Realma*rs

dress: Stella
sunglasses and stockings: chinese shop
shoes: from my mum

dress: Glamorous Jane
tiara (slightly visible): chinese shop

top + arm warmers: d.i.a
shorts: New Yorker
shoes: german shoe store
wig: eBay

dress: Black Queen
belt: d,i,a
boots: Ma*rs
stockings: offbrand
sunglasses: chinese shop

dress. scarf, bag: Galmorous Jane
boots: Ma*rs

This coord is really special to me because there I'm wearing the dress who is the same Sakurina wore in her movie ''Girl's Life'' *O*

btw here is my favourite makeup I did recently ^o^
(ugghhhh I hate symmetry ><  the too droopy eye on the left wasn't supposed to be happen T___T
#MakeupStruggleIsReal </3 ; but I'm really happy about the tearbags tho for the first try^o^)

it's inspired by the Ageha model Kanatan 

Bildergebnis für 漆原かな

Bildergebnis für 漆原かな

So that was all for today ^^

It was so good to blog again because I finally got motívation to continue my blog!!


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