12 Sep 2015

#77: Gyaru Meme day 7: Your favourite accessories that you own

I finally started writing the Gyaru Memes again ^o^

So today I show you my favorite Gyaru accessories I own in the moment *^*

Let's start..

Isn't this Ruby Rose Nekomimi hairband just too adorably  cute *O*
It's so perfect and I'm love with the details like the 3D roses and gemstones inside the ears and this small crystallized tiara <33
I wore it a lot when I was into Hime and I also like to cutie-fy my Ma*rs coords with this great accessory for everyone with a sweet taste ^o^

Do you also love this white celebrity sunglasses that matches every Barbie girl/ sexy and glamorous Gyaru outfits <3
It screams SUMMER even when the weather is bad XDD

Next item is this super cool Real Ma*rs choker ^^
It's so badass and matches all my  rock-ish coords really well *^^*
look how badass it is *O*

This is my first d.i.a belt I own *O*
I really like how sparkling it looks and it spices up even the most boring dresses :D
I'm looking for different belts (with feathers, chains, white leather etc..) in the future ^^ 

and last but not least my beloved and beautiful diadem *^*
It's the perfect item for my super glamorous Agejo coords. It#s really sparkly and it's the perfect accessory for a princess :3

which of them do you like the most?
and what is your most favorite accessory in your wardrobe? 
leave me a comment bellow if you want ^3^

I hope you like my new post and I'm so happy to receive so much nice messages from you ^o^


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