2 Nov 2015

#78: Finally a Velvet *^*

First of all I'm really sorry for the long blog stop but I was really busy because of personal reasons T^T


I have really great news 

I'm officially a  member!!


The reason I became a member was that I was at 3 Meets of them ^o^

So today's post is about the last two Velvet meets I attendet

1st: Velvet B-day

On the 26th of december I attendet the 4th Gyarusa Bday 

first I went to Aikos home and we prepared the living room for the nice party ^o^
like this awesome table with photos of the past, sweets, cards, a guest list, a polaroid camera  and a lot of Gyaru magazines; and a banner :D

after the hard work every guest came and we started getting ready and excited ^^

my makeup of this day ^o^

my hostess inspired outfit ^o^
(shoes by DreamV)

as you can see I dyed my hair red and I tried a new eyeshape and tearbags ^^

with Lily before I got my hair done :D

well anyways

after we all got ready and pretty

the awesome party started ^^

we had:
-a lot of fun
-nice music
-a selfie stick
-a lot of fun
-and cocktails *^*

and we took loads of pictures *-*

partyyyyy!! <3

as you can see Wesley from the Netherlands (on the right side) and Sally (behind me) were also guests ^o^

then we started kind of a sleepover XDD

after the nice party the Velvet Gals told Sally and me that we are oficially members of Velvet!!

I was sooo happy *^*

all in all the Velvet Bday was so good and I'm so happy I was able to be a part from now on ^o^

2nd: Velvet Halloween in Dortmund

two days ago I visited Dortmund to celebrate Halloween with my circle 

my scary makeup of this day XD

my outfit ^^ 
as you can see I chose a murder bunny theme ^^
(dress: d.i.a
stockings and shoes: chinese shop
bunny ears: eBay
face mask: from my doctor painted with red nail polish XD)

First we all went (with a delay) to a really cool rock cafe decorated for Halloween 

like on every meet I forgot to take any photo so I have no pictures of the cafeT^T

after we hung out for a while we went to a nice club to dance and celebrate the last hours of Halloween 

infront of the club

everyone <3
(from right to left: Ria the witch, Mia the cat, Sally the fawn, Ari (infront of us) the demon, Aiko the Ravenclaw student.. and me the murder bunny)
Can you feel our demonic aura btw :D

So sad not everyone could attend on this day :(

so cute *^* Mia made this spooky and cute collage of us ^^

So that was all for today^o^

I hope you liked my post and if you want 
tell me how your Halloween was :D


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