5 Dec 2015

#79: Lily's sweet 18th birthday

Last week our Gyarusa Velvet celebrated Lily's 18th B-day <33

We decided to have a very relaxing house party at Hans apartment ^o^
It was so much fun but let the pictures speak <33

my makeup and outfit ^^

top: Gold's Infinity
belt, shorts: d.i.a
tights: eBay

with our birthday girl

Hans, me; Nessi and Ari

with Ari and Lily again

derpy pictures with everyone are the best XDDD

Hans one of our members was in japan and he got 
some cute little gifts for everyone *O*

I got this lovely bag charm from Monster Hunter *^* 

All in all the meetup was amazing and I had so much fun
and I got drunk haha :'D 


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