15 Dec 2015

#80: Makeup process over the years

So today I write about my Gyaru makeup journey especially my eye makeup ^^
In my opinion the eye makeup is one of the most important parts of the whole look because it makes your look complete and authentic.
Stuff like hair and coordination is important as well but it looks quiet incomplete when the makeup isn't gyaru or messy.

Well let's move to my makeup 'history'

summer 2013
This was my first attempt in Gyaru makeup XD
(as you can see I thought a LOT of light and cheap editing makes me prettier XD)
I got my inspiration from makeup tutorials on YouTube and wore Diamond lash Angel Eye (barely visible here O.o) and Princess Eye
I kept this makeup a very long time ><

till autumn 2014
from this time I started using different lashes for a more bold but sweet look
The lashes are Twinkle lashe Sexy Eye and Honey Eye

tbh the Honey eye lower lashes were a litlle bit too strange for me XD

early 2015
I started getting really heavy since I was really satisfied with my skills and eye shape ^^
I started to mix lash brands and got more creative with the eyeliner
I used the twinkle lash Sexy Eye in combination with Fairy Lash drop eye as upper lashes and the Diamond Lash princess eye as lower lashes

late summer till now

I'm so happy I finally found two versions of eye shapes that fits my makeup perfectly ^o^
One very heavy version and a bit lighter version
I also like to mix the heavy Gyaru makeup with the newer Namida Bukuro (tear bag) trend
my recent lash preferences are Eyemazing  No.001 and Decorative Lash #5 Play Sexy

To enhance the dramatic effect of my look I will get the fairy Lash Shiny Eye lower lashes soon

So all in all I'm super happy with my eye shape now and I'm satisfied I found the ideal eye shape for me ^3^
So do you also have a lash preference?
and do you also have an eye shape you are satisfied with?
If you want comment below ^o^
I'm always excited to see everyones process in makeup <33


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